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ZKT — Transforming DeFi into an Era of Utter Anonymity

Welcome to ZKTsunami, where privacy takes center stage in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). Experience a revolutionary protocol that empowers you to transact with complete anonymity and security.

Data Breaches and Privacy Issues Are Major Concerns in Crypto:

In the world of blockchain, anonymity and security should be inherent. However, the reality is far from perfect. Transaction details can be traced due to the transparent nature of on-chain data, posing significant threats to data safety and on-chain privacy. To achieve mainstream adoption, everyone must feel secure in utilizing cryptocurrencies.

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Welcome to the world of ZKT, where digital privacy and security take center stage. Our vision is to empower individuals with cutting-edge solutions that prioritize their privacy and safeguard their sensitive information. At ZKT, we are passionate about redefining the digital landscape and ensuring that privacy becomes a fundamental right for everyone. Step into our innovative ecosystem and explore a range of transformative products that elevate your digital experience. With our flagship decentralized application, ZKT dApp, you can engage in on-chain activities with unparalleled security and anonymity. Say goodbye to worries and embrace a seamless, fear-free digital journey. Experience the true power of privacy with ZKTVPN, our state-of-the-art virtual private network. It not only conceals your online activities but also shields your location, making you untraceable and preserving your anonymity. Take control of your digital assets with ZKWallet, our secure and confidential digital wallet. Your transactions and identities remain hidden, ensuring that you have complete ownership and peace of mind. Ready to trade? Step into the realm of ZKSwap, our decentralized exchange platform that enables seamless and anonymous token swaps. With privacy at the forefront, your transactions remain confidential, providing you with enhanced security and peace of mind. At ZKT, we believe that privacy is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. Our mission is to revolutionize the digital landscape and make privacy accessible to all. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine digital privacy and security, creating a world where your online presence remains truly yours. Welcome to ZKT, where privacy is paramount, and your digital world is secure.

What you get

Our sustainable approach to ensuring privacy comes with boundless benefits for the community.

Transaction Fees

You will need $ZKT to cover for your fees when you are mixing crypto.

DAO Voting Power

$ZKT will give members voting power on the future decisions of the DAO.

Staking for Rewards

Rewards for long term holders who believe in our philosophy.

Meet team


Founder and Full Stack Developer Drifter, our visionary founder, brings extensive experience and expertise in full-stack development, ensuring our projects meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Community Head and Back-End DeveloperTsunami, our community-driven back-end developer, leads engagement and relationship-building efforts, ensuring a valuable and inclusive experience for our users and supporters.


Outreach and Partnerships ManagerSurfer, our dynamic team member, drives outreach and strategic partnerships, expanding our network and forging alliances that drive growth and success.


Full-Stack Developer and UI/UX DesignerKanagawa excels in full-stack development and UI/UX design, ensuring seamless functionality and visually appealing designs for our projects. Our talented team combines their expertise to deliver exceptional results. With a strong foundation of skills and a shared commitment to excellence, we are poised for success and invite you to be a part of our journey.

Together, our talented team combines technical prowess, economic analysis, strategic thinking, and trading expertise to deliver innovative solutions that prioritize privacy and security in the decentralized finance landscape.


  • ZKT DApp

    ZkDapp serves as our flagship product, functioning as an advanced mixer within the ZKTsunami ecosystem. With a strong emphasis on privacy, ZkDapp enables users to mix ERC-20 tokens securely and anonymously. It sets itself apart from competitors by offering unparalleled privacy features and ensuring that users’ transactions cannot be traced back to their original source. Once completion of the ERC-20 mixer has been reached, we will then be able to expand at a faster rate to achieve a multi-chain mixer.

  • ZK VPN

    ZkVPN is a privacy-focused virtual private network (VPN) solution currently undergoing beta testing. We have procured 40 servers worldwide to ensure optimal performance and global accessibility. Unlike conventional VPN services, ZkVPN places utmost importance on preserving complete user privacy. It employs cutting-edge technologies that eliminate the need for users to provide any personal information during sign-up. Instead, ZkVPN generates a unique ID for each user, allowing for anonymous usage. Payments for the service can be made using cryptocurrency, further enhancing privacy. ZkVPN does not track stable IP addresses, ensuring that users’ online activities remain completely confidential. It is designed to be cross-platform, available as a web app, Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome extension. Additionally, ZkVPN will be accessible via mobile apps on Android (through the Google Play Store) and iOS devices. It is important to note that all revenue generated by these products will be distributed to $ZKT stakers, aligning our ecosystem’s growth with the interests of our community.


    ZKswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform within the ZKTsunami ecosystem, enabling users to swap tokens seamlessly and anonymously. It sets itself apart from other DEX platforms by prioritizing privacy and anonymity. ZKswap ensures that transaction histories remain private, providing users with enhanced security and confidentiality when trading tokens.

  • ZK Wallet

    Zkwallet is a secure and private digital wallet designed to safeguard users’ assets. By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques, Zkwallet ensures that users have full control over their funds while maintaining complete privacy. Unlike traditional wallets, Zkwallet implements robust privacy measures to protect user identities, transaction histories, and asset holdings.

  • ZK Browser

    ZkBrowser is a comprehensive private browser designed to protect users’ online privacy. By blocking trackers, removing cookies, and preventing data leakage, ZkBrowser ensures that users can browse the internet without leaving any digital footprints. It distinguishes itself from competitors by providing a fully private browsing experience, shielding users from intrusive tracking and data collection.


The ZKTsunami DApp introduces a community-centric fee structure that reflects our commitment to the interests of our users. We believe in rewarding loyalty and providing incentives for privacy-conscious individuals.

Unlock the benefits of holding $ZKT as it grants you exclusive discounts based on your investment:


5,000,000 $ZKT


600,000 $ZKT



240,000 $ZKT

The Team


160,000 $ZKT

The Foundation

Token Tier System

0.1% - 5%


Embrace the first tier and enjoy significant savings on transaction fees, reinforcing your privacy while optimizing your financial efficiency.

2% - 100%


Elevate your commitment to privacy with the second tier, where substantial discounts eliminate transaction fees, allowing you to transact freely and securely.

1.9% - 95%


Join the privileged few in the third tier and experience remarkable savings as your $ZKT holdings grow, maximizing both privacy and financial advantages.


Phase 1:

  • * Launch ZKTsunami
  • * Whitepaper release
  • * Hold AMAs discussing on the project
  • * Inject 100k+ into the liquidity
  • * Build a concept and community around privacy

Phase 2: (Q2 2023)

  • * Launch secure ZkVPN
  • * Conduct extensive testing
  • * Seamless integration into web ecosystem
  • * Improve user interface
  • * Provide multi-platform support
  • * Launch V2 website

Phase 3: (Q3 2023)

  • * In-development and launch Mixer feature
  • * Thorough testing and security audits
  • * Implement advanced encryption techniques
  • * Enable integration with cryptocurrencies
  • * Customizable mixing options

Phase 4: (Q4 2023)

  • * Develop and refine Privacy Swap feature
  • * Rigorous testing and security audits
  • * Implement automated privacy protocols
  • * Support wide range of tokens
  • * Real-time transaction monitoring

Phase 5: (Q1: 2024)

  • * Develop and release Privacy Wallet
  • * Thorough testing and security audits
  • * Protections Shielded Against Hackers, Exploiters, and Bad Actors on Network
  • * ZKTsunami Polygon & FTM Launch
  • * Implement advanced encryption
  • * Integrate Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • * Easy token management within the Privacy Wallet


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